Feb 9, 2015

James Bowen & Bob Cat

Photo credit by James Bowen

As I'm a big cat lover and cat owner for a long time...and I couldn't resist to make a little devotion for Mr James Bowen and Mr Bob Cat. Love ya guys :)
Many thanx to my friend Colette, who asked me to give a try, and there we go...

Modeling (sculptor clay)
Silicone molding - filling
Silicone molding - upside down
Silicone molding - clay off
Silicone molding - split in half
Plaster casting
Plaster model processing
Figure polished and ready for painting
Final edition
Final edition
Final edition

James Bowen and Bob Cat :)

Jun 25, 2014

Symphonica - Live! A Birthday Gift for George!

With all my love and honor I'm filling the blog with this special post. Another year is coming and it's 51th Birthday of George Michael. Here's my next creation, as a gift for George :)

George Michael - Symphonica Tour
Inspired by concert shows from Symphonica, I've managed to make it this way... Always loved when George directs his mic to the audience and enjoys people singing to him and with him... Love it, George, seriously :). And seeing you happy in those moments, it's really priceless!!! Thanx for sharing your LOVE to us :).

Molding in black sculptor clay, as it took a few hours to make, step by step with cast and frames inside...to the first sample figurine...

Clay molding
Clay molding
 After it's done, silicone layer was added. When silicone stiffened, there're more works are needed to be done. The construction should be stable before casting plaster...because silicone is soft and flexible. I used to cover that into splint... It's been covered by 2 or 3 plaster bandages... There how it looks... it's the same like you may have when you've got some bone fractures....lol...

Clay model (black) + silicone (pink) + plaster bandage
You won't wear your bandage forever, won't you?... So my figurine is too... After some time, when the plaster is dry, let's cut it down the perimeter and open it up... to take off the clay model and let the casting form free...

Taking off a splint
Released form for casting
Collecting all the construction back with empty inside space, filling it with liquid plaster and hold it for some hours to stand and dry... Here's a plaster figurine afterwards...

Processing and grinding on the go..
Almost done and polished

  There we go, getting ready before priming and painting... 

Plaster figurine
Sizing by hand :)
Sizing by the ruler (about 21cm, or 8 inch)
And there we go after painting and final processing... So how it looks? :)

Handmade! :)
Done! :)
A special Thanx to  Kim Marie Chaloner  for original photo of George.
Happy Birthday, George!!!
Love, Funky :) xxx

Jun 20, 2014

Lovely Letters 2013

George reads Lovely Letters

Last year in June 2013, I was invited to participate to wonderful project. The book named Lovely Letters. Which was done in only one example as a gift to George Michael's 50th Birthday. The letters from GM-fans (lovelies) around the globe. The project by gmlovely and my good friend Yvonne Petry. It was a big honour for me to take a part and to make an illustration based on Yvonne's idea too. Like if George reads this book filled with love from fans. Thanx Yvonne!!! :)

When I was making a drawing, I thought I will put George on sofa and I've added his dog too (Meggy with a sock! And that famous sock is a goner.... remember twitter? lol)...

Photo credit by Yvonne Petry
A few months later I couldn't help myself, but to try to make a figurine out this. The molding took some time to make in black clay (my fav so far).

A coach first...
A figure with a book
Making of his face... with those big eyes...
And here's Meggy with a sock...
After silicone forming and casting out in plaster... the figurine took some time to stand and finish...

Cast mold in plaster...
And the final result after painting, glossing and finishing... there we go...

Final (with flash lights)

Jun 25, 2013

Happy Birthday George!

Thank you for being MY INSPIRATION! :)

Lots of Love, Health, Creative Energy and ALL THE BEST to you!

Love you

May 25, 2013

CartOOn eyes :)

I had no chance to post these before, but just doing it today... The models were done last year. These are a bit different from my regular "mini-me" figurines, they're a bigger (up to 4") and have got more cartoonish style, as from my old drawings :)

The Officer, Chef, Dr Flawless
The Chef or "Baker George" was made for a special friend, who actually gave me that idea to make a figurines from my cartoon characters. I found it's cool, specially by making those "funky big cartOOn eyes" in 3D version... It's been fun :)

Chef in clay

Chef in plaster

Chef painted in acrylics

Final: glossing and varnishing

Final: the Officer

Final: Dr Flawless

PS: Dr Flawless figurine has been repaired later after some accidental drop :)

Dr Flawless leg surgery

Mar 30, 2013

Emmanuel Moire

Photo credit by Emmanuel Moire
Hello everyone :)
Check my new work for my friend Xenia, who's a huge fan of very talented actor and musician Emmanuel Moire. It's been  a pleasure to make another mini-me figurine, as always...

The sculptor clay model...

The plaster and fixing agent, dried and varnished...

And voila...the final painting and glossing...

I very hope my friend Xenia and Monsieur Moire will love it :)

Avec les meilleurs voeux,
Funky, xxx